Who we are

ART137 is a Portuguese brand, born in 2014 by the hands of Ivo Carvalhal and Marta Oliveira, to excel at the taste of working and performing pieces in an artisan way. 
All our works are thought to detail and designed to achieve the necessary functionality in everyday life. The passion for craftsmanship daily challenges our imagination to create unique and exclusive pieces, bold in design. 
We prefer working with wood, iron, copper and other materials that we have been introduced in the process of creation over time. We perform pieces for interior decoration: lamps, hangers, decorative frames, and mirrors. Utility parts, but added aesthetic and functional value. Ivo Carvalhal's taste for craftsmanship allowed him to obtain the artisan's certification in March 2017 in the handicraft activities "Manufacture of Utensils and other objects in wood" and "Art of Working Copper and Brass".
Marta Oliveira's experience in the area of new technologies allowed the release of the brand through the creation of art137.com site and social media presence. 


Beauty and Functionality

Each piece is unique: Nature inspired pieces that can not be replicated. 
Each piece is exclusive: Our products singularity, reveals itself in handcrafted pieces, with a bold and innovative design.

Commitment and Dedication

Our pieces are produced with the highest quality materials and crafted with commitment, dedication and fulfillment for the work done. 
We create functional pieces, suited for both public and private spaces. 
We address the lack of space in most homes, combining several features: lighting, organization and decoration. A lamp can be used to illuminate a room or an office. A frame can also be used to illuminate a wall whether it is at reception of a hotel, a bar, a Guest House or in your own home. 
Our creations have several purposes, but in the meanwhile they catch the eye. There are places that deserve a ART137 ® piece to make them perfect. 

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life..

- Confucio